Anclote Animal Hospital

Full Service Veterinary Clinic

We are a full-service animal hospital and veterinary clinic in Tarpon Springs, FL. We offer everything from routine examinations to surgical procedures, diagnostics, x-rays, dental care, and much more.

Preventative Care

Set up a visit, let your pet receive a quick but thorough exam from a trained professional, and establish a health baseline while also getting the chance to spot developing areas of focus before they become major concerns. It’s quick, painless, and can prevent the need for major treatment down the road.

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Diagnostic Care

Our facility offers advanced technologies in digital radiography, ultrasound, lab work and blood tests, and more to identify illnesses and injuries early on and with accuracy.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

From routine procedures to emergency surgery, you can entrust your pet to the clinical team at Anclote Animal Hospital. Our team is passionate for animal care, and with gentle bedside manner and the most cutting-edge medical technology, we will keep your pet as comfortable as possible from beginning to end. Your pet will be in good hands for whatever procedure they need.

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Pet Dental Services

Our pets experience a lot of the world through their mouths, which makes proper dental care as important-if not more important- than it is for humans. At Anclote Animal Hospital, we offer everything from preventative dental care and dental cleanings to dental extractions and oral surgery, diagnosis of dental issues, and treatment.

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Complementary Therapies

While we offer all of the standard veterinary services you expect from veterinarians in Tarpon Springs, we also offer additional therapies such as laser therapy, acupuncture, and treatments that incorporate Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Young puppies and kittens need specific care, including more regular exams and more frequent vaccinations than adult pets. Our team of Tarpon Springs veterinarians is here to guide you and your new pet through their exciting first stage of life.

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Senior Pet Care

Our older pets are some of our most soulful, faithful, and warm companions. But their age comes with a range of health-related concerns— which is why special veterinary care is so important.

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Pain Management

It's challenging to see your beloved pet in pain. While some pain is the sign of a health problem that must be treated promptly, other kinds of pain must simply be alleviated as much as possible while injuries heal or as our pets age. Call us if you think your pet is experiencing pain. We can help.

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Located on Pinellas Ave (Alt Route 19) off of Klosterman Rd. Just 0.6 miles South of Tarpoon Springs Golf Course and 1.7 miles East of Klosterman Point.

Phone: 727-934-0814

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