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Pain Management

It's challenging to see your beloved pet in pain. While some pain is the sign of a health problem that must be treated promptly, other kinds of pain must simply be alleviated as much as possible while injuries heal or as our pets age. Call us if you think your pet is experiencing pain. We can help.

Acute Pain Management

Acute pain describes pain that is sharp and present, resulting from an injury, wound, or sudden health problem. It’s often severe and can cause intense discomfort or distress in your pet. When we encounter acute pain in a pet, our job is twofold: 1) to alleviate the pain as quickly and effectively as we can, and 2) to identify the source of the pain to ensure that it’s not putting your pet at risk of something even more serious.

We use a range of pain management methods, from pharmacologic (medication) to non-pharmacologic (cold compression, low-stress handling) to help alleviate your pet’s pain as much as possible.

Chronic Pain Management

Unlike acute pain, chronic pain is ongoing. It can result from a range of ailments, from arthritis in the hips to a slipped disc in the back. Chronic pain is most common in older pets as they experience the health issues that come with aging. But, just because these ailments are part of getting older for our pets, doesn’t mean that chronic, unbearable pain has to be.

We use a range of traditional and ancient Chinese methods of chronic pain management, from pain medications to physiotherapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, and more, based on your pet’s unique needs.

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